Monday, 26 March 2012

Video Now Online: Debate on Socially Engaged Art

The video of the debate on socially engaged art from a few weeks ago is now online here.

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  1. The arts of design, fashion, entertainment and culture/tourism create value and are self sustaining in the main. However, Art for its own sake not so is an elitist commodity but it also relies on the public purse for life support subsidies. I for one think its money well spent :)

    However, I think there is a fundamental point that is missed in the debate. We create art for its own sake or lest we die of despair not because we can but because we don't know any better.

    We believe in magic because we do not understand reality. In our ignorance we 'speculate' a refuge in the transcendental nouns of God, Truth, Heaven, Hell, Love, Justice, Equality, Freedom, Art, Money, Value, Need, Wealth, Desire, Progress, the Nation State and the Market. We seek solace in these mysteries in order to live with our paralysing fear of the unknown. When we all have unfettered access to the knowledge domain of the natural sciences and more particularly the mathematical sciences only then will we be free of the tyranny of suspicion and prejudice.

    And fear not art will not die it will morph into something that doesn't have to rely on fear and frustration for its inspiration.

    Mark Keane