Friday, 21 October 2011

Next Systems Session: The Prince and the Wolf

After a shorter first meeting the Systems seminar group will begin in earnest on Nov. 2nd (2011) at the Gradcam building, (just off Thomas St.) and the next sessions this calendar year are Nov. 23rd, Dec 14th. Sessions begin at 5:15pm.

The general starting point of the seminar was “systems” thought of in connection with phenomenology, technology and the body. This has now expanded to include debates related to Speculative Realism/ Object Orientated Philosophy.

Specifically: as agreed, the key text this year will be the Harman and Latour debate in The Prince and the Wolf.

We’ll begin discussing this text at the next session and take things from there.

Further information and discussion will be channeled through this blog.
 I’d be most grateful if you could pass this on to anyone who may be interested – all are welcome.


  1. Hi,

    I just stumbled on this via ANTHEM [], I'm not in Dublin but would be interested in seeing what comes out of your discussions of this.


  2. Hi Scott, thanks for your interest. I’ll try and run the correspondence and the information about this through the blog. It’s great that you heard about it…